Welcome to the Shadows…

On May 21, 2021, my friend Dana DeVries passed away. He was an enormous part of the First Edition 7th Sea RPG and the CCG. I would probably not be playing the game, let alone posting all this content, if it was not for Dana and his marvelous writing, unparalleled creativity, and (once I got the pleasure to know him) irrepressible wit and charm.

I do not ask for thanks, nor for credit, if you use anything on this website. I only ask that you join me in raising a toast to Dana and wishing him clear skies, fair winds, and smooth sailing.

Additions & RevisionsDate
Revised: Lieven Swordsman School03/30/23
Revised: Poincaré Swordsman School03/30/23
New: Valrsson Swordsman School03/27/23
New: Somerville Swordsman School03/10/23
New: Wichmann Swordsman School03/04/23
New: Baras Swordsman School02/26/23
New: Ramazzini Fighting Style12/27/22
New: Hewitt Fighting Style12/24/22
New: Verrier Swordsman School11/29/22
Updated: Aubigny Fighting Style11/29/22