Bargainer’s Arts

SorceryDescriptionDate Added
El Fuego AdentroThe Bargainer’s Art of Wrath. Its practitioners channel fire and use it as a tool, a mode of transportation, and a weapon.03/21/19
Huan ShuThe Bargainer’s Art of Sloth. Imagine being able to perform astounding feats of strength and dexterity…without working for it a day in your life.03/05/19
IncuboThe Bargainer’s Art of Despair allows you to permeate someone’s dreams and twist them into debilitating nightmares.03/09/19
MairbhThe Bargainer’s Art of Gluttony. Commune with the dead, channel their power…and raise them to do your bidding.03/17/19
MirageThe Bargainer’s Art of Pride. Mirrors have power, and this wicked Sorcery allows one to utilize it.05/05/19
PortéThe Bargainer’s Art of Lust.
SorteThe Bargainer’s Art of Shame
TempusThe Bargainer’s Art of Avarice. Speed up, slow down, or even reverse time…just be willing to pay the costs.08/06/19
ZerstörungThe Bargainer’s Art of Envy. Rot, rust, and decay with a touch.07/13/19


SorceryDescriptionDate Added
Al-QadimThe Magic of Humility, where a Sorcerer binds himself to a another person, drastically increasing both their powers.02/26/19
AthnanThe Magic of Purity, whose miracles have not been witnessed in hundreds of years.02/27/19
CheimónasThe Magic of Mercy, which allows lost children to survive in the frigid Ussuran tundra.03/26/19
GlamourThe Magic of Hope. Revised Knacks and Tricks granted by the Sidhe to mortals they deem worthy.03/07/19
PodarokThe Magic of Charity: Matushka’s gift to her champions to help them protect her people from the horrors of Ussura (and the rest of Théah).09/13/19
PyeryemThe Magic of Kindness.
Qin FenThe Magic of Dilligence: a rare art that allows you to channel your own corrupt Sorcery into your body, cleansing yourself of its taint and perfecting your physical form in the process.03/04/19
Sha’irThe Magic of Honor, provided by the Djinn to help their mortal allies in the Crescent Empire to understand (and command) the elements of nature.03/04/19
ZhouyiThe Magic of Temperance. A new look at trigrams, hexagrams, and talismans in the art formerly known as Fu.04/11/19

Personal Bargains

SorceryDescriptionDate Added
KreisThe Darkest of the Druid’s arts, featuring the horrifying secret of…the Wicker Man!04/01/19
KrovThe Sorcery given to Saska Tomiech, dealing with blood and…more blood.04/01/19
Mayawi ShaktiThe wicked Sorcery granted to Sayari Razak, which, of course, is far more than he bargained for. (See what I did there?)08/07/19
N’angaCommune with elemental spirits and channel their power!05/23/23
SymvasiYou want power? Make a bargain with a daemon. What could possibly go wrong?02/28/19
TaramondeCome to sunny Sange Tara! Let the orisha possess you…if you dare!09/08/19

Other Sorceries

SorceryDescriptionDate Added
Af’aThis is a revised version of the Qatihl’i-only Sorcery first introduced in the Crescent Empire Sourcebook.05/25/21
ArañaA rare, spontaneously-occurring form of shamanism that arises in random victims of the deadly fate widow spider’s bite.07/22/20
Duman’kirWhile most common among the Kurta-kir, this slightly revised Sorcery has been documented in every tribe in the Crescent Empire.05/25/21
GesamtnachtIf all the shadow powers found in Eisen (and elsewhere) were combined into one Sorcery, it would look like this.05/30/21
LærdomThe rune magic of the Vestenmannavnjar, co-opted (or corrupted, like so much else) by the Vendel.03/06/21
MgangaResist the Magic. Dispel the Magic. Eat the Magic.05/20/23
PsifosIf you ever wanted to play a psionicist in 7th Sea, here is your chance!01/01/20
Setine Clockwork MagicCreate powerful and wondrous technological devices…if you can afford it.09/14/19
SimádiPowerful Herald magic, learned from ancient tomes and provided only to the most worthy among their number.05/04/19
SonasachThe magic of fortune, both good and bad, wielded by the diminutive Leithbrágan of Inismore.10/25/22