Fallen Sidhe Characters

A Fallen Sidhe character is treated as a Sidhe character in all respects, except for the following changes:

  • Fallen Sidhe characters begin play with 75 Hero Points to spend on Traits, Advantages, Skills, and other customization options.
  • Fallen Sidhe begin play as Half-Blooded Glamour Mages (reflecting their disconnection from their former selves) without spending any Hero Points on it, but they cannot purchase any other type of Sorcery. They may spend 20 Hero Points to have Full-Blooded Glamour.
  • Fallen Sidhe characters may not take any Backgrounds at the start of the game. At the GM’s discretion, new Backgrounds may be acquired later, in the normal fashion.
  • Fallen Sidhe have the Curse of Iron Susceptibility instead of the Curse of Iron Vulnerability. They are no longer susceptible to MacEachern Weapons, except as described under that Curse.
  • Fallen Sidhe characters are especially vulnerable to the Repartee System. Anyone who uses the Repartee System on a Fallen Sidhe gains a bonus of 2 Unkept Dice (+2k0) on his roll.