Goodfellow Fighting Style

Country of Origin: Avalon
Salon: Luthon (Large)
Founded: c. 1160 A.V.

Description: Robin Goodfellow first taught his band of robbers how to use the longbow. For years the secret was confined to a few dozen men, but eventually Robin taught all comers. Students learned to build special bows and to use trick shots to attack two opponents at once, arc their fire over long distances, and even knock weapons out of their opponents’ hands.

Goodfellow represents the very height of skill with the longbow. Masters of the style pull off feats that would be impossible for lesser archers. Eventually, these students become some of the most nimble archers in the world. The Fighting Style remains popular to this day, and is taught (alongside Williams, its spiritual second cousin) in a large training camp just outside the city of Luthon.

The main weakness of the Goodfellow style is the pause just before the loosing of each shot. An enemy can take advantage of the pause to snap off a shot of his own, or to attempt to get out of the way of the archer’s shot.

Basic Curriculum: Archery, Hunter
Knacks: Arc (Archery), Disarm (Archery), Exploit Weakness (Goodfellow), Pin (Archery), Tagging (Archery)

Apprentice: One of the first lessons learned by students of Goodfellow is how to build their bow. The bow a student builds allows him to add his Brawn to all Damage Rolls made with the bow as Unkept Dice, as though it were a melee weapon.

Goodfellow students do not receive free Membership in the Swordsman’s Guild. Instead, they receive a free Rank in one of their Swordsman Knacks.

Journeyman: Once they’ve mastered building, aiming, and firing the bow, students learn their first fancy trick shot. By tearing the fletching on two arrows and nocking them simultaneously, Goodfellow Journeymen can spend one Action to make two Attacks. Both attacks have a penalty of two Unkept Dice (-2k0) to their Attack Roll. This technique can not be used in conjunction with the Snapshot Knack.

Master: When they reach this Rank, the archers gain a free Rank of Finesse. This also increases the maximum Rank their Finesse can be raised to by one. Thus, a Master of Goodfellow can raise his Finesse to six (or even seven, if he has the Legendary Finesse Advantage).