Gosse Swordsman School

Country of Origin: Utopia (Any member of Gosse’s crew of Gentlemen Pirates may learn this School for 25 HP regardless of nationality.)
Salon: Tiny (Utopia)
Founded: 1635

If forced, Gosse’s crew are able swordsmen, and
can disarm most other fighters without hurting them.
Of course, should one of their own get killed in
the general melee, things can turn ugly very fast.
Waves of Blood, p. 35

Description: When Captain Philip Gosse was sailing the trade lanes if search of plunder some thirty-five (nearing forty) years ago, he was renowned as a remarkable Swordsman who could move like the wind, even across the deck of a rolling ship. Much of this was due to his own considerable skill, but the Swordsman School he developed added to his natural grace to make him a veritable dervish in combat. To ensure that his crew could ably defend themselves, Captain Gosse taught his signature School to any of his crew who were interested in learning.

Gosse is a rapier style, relying on fluid, nimble movement to defend one’s self and trusting in fortune (which favored Gosse and his men on many occasions) and one’s own inherent skill to guide attacks. A Gosse Swordsman who keeps his eyes open practically dances around his opponents, deftly stepping out of the way of one attack after another while waiting for the opportune moment to strike…or more likely, thrusting blindly forward and trusting fate to guide his sword home.

Even a skilled Swordsman is off-balance when one foot is off the ground; a knowledgeable opponent will wait until the Swordsman is in mid-step to strike, knowing that it will be harder for him to defend himself. Likewise, everyone’s luck runs out eventually, and an opponent who is unshakingly confident in his own abilities will be better prepared to defend against a Gosse Swordsman’s fortune-fueled attacks.

Basic Curriculum: Athlete, Fencing
Knacks: Disarm (Fencing), Exploit Weakness (Gosse), Lunge (Fencing), Sidestep, Tagging (Fencing)

Apprentice: The first lesson a Gosse Swordsman learns is how to keep his footing at all times, even aboard a ship. The Apprentice may use Footwork as a Defense Knack any time Balance would be required. In addition, he receives a free Raise on all Active Defenses using Footwork.

The Gosse School will never be submitted for Guild sanction, as it remains the secret fighting technique of Melinda Gosse and her Gentleman Pirates. In lieu of Guild Membership, the Apprentice receives a free Rank in one of his Swordsman Knacks.

Journeyman: A Journeyman of Gosse who keeps his wits about him during combat may make a defensive step to avoid an incoming attack. Once per Round, after an opponent has successfully attacked a Gosse Journeyman (but before an Active Defense is attempted or a Damage Roll is made ), the Journeyman may make a Perception Check against a TN equal to the opponent’s attack roll (without spending an Action). if the Perception Check is successful, the attack is negated without effect. The Journeyman must be using Footwork as his Passive Defense Knack to use this ability, and he cannot attempt an Active Defense if this ability fails.

Master: When negotiations have failed and the time for defense is over, the Goose Swordsman may press an attack, putting a little bit of himself into every thrust and trusting in luck to drive his point home. Before making an Attack Roll, the Master may choose to spend a Drama Die. If he does, he may attempt his Attack Roll twice keeping the better of the two results. Any Drama Dice spent (beyond the one used to activate this ability) to increase the results of a roll are added to both Attack Rolls.