Blood Science: Extracts & Cordials

While most of the Invisible College has embraced a new age of logical thought and strict scientific methodology, a few remain entrenched in the ancient practice of alchemy. Creating a fusion of modern medicine and ancient secrets, Don Petrigal, Joshua Daylen, Alvara Arciniega and others have opened up a whole new branch of alchemy rendering immediate, tangible, and terrifying results. Calling the new art “Blood Science” (a term coined by Arciniega in wry homage to the studies that made it possible), these three scholars and their handful of trusted colleagues have made tremendous strides in the study of sorcery.

-The Invisible College, p. 94

The Blood Scientists’ research has progressed quite far since it was first introduced in the Invisible College sourcebook. As Sorcerous bloodlines previously believed to be extinct have reawakened, or as the Scientists have made cautious inroads into the Crescent Empire and Cathay, Sorceries such as Mairbh, Sha’ir, and Af’a have yielded potent new Exrtracts. Similarly, as the Scientists (particularly Alvara Arciniega) have gathered more research on truly extinct or unique Sorceries such as Incubo and Krov, they have been able to speculate what sort of powers a diffusion of those bloodlines may yield. Of course, with these new discoveries, the secrets to new Cordials have likewise been unraveled. The most recent discoveries and creations of the Blood Scientists are detailed below.


Anyone who drinks this viscous black fluid suffers no effect from consuming rotten, tainted, or otherwise inedible food or drink for twenty-four hours. The imbiber is also immune to ingested poisons for twenty-four hours. Alternately, if the imbiber is suffering from the effects of an ingested poison or from one or more effects, either beneficial or deleterious, due to consuming another Extract or Cordial, this Extract immediately ends those effects before being rendered inert itself.

This thin, reddish Extract has the color and consistency of wine. When mixed with any food or beverage (or if consumed on its own), the imbiber is inflicted with a damaging poison that reduces all five of his Traits by two for a period of twenty-four hours. If this reduces any of the victim’s Traits below zero, he or she will linger in agony for the full twenty-four hours before finally passing away.  Otherwise, the victim’s Traits will return to normal once the twenty-four hour duration has passed.

This Extract is purely theoretical, as the Harvesters have not yet obtained a blood sample from someone with a Krov bloodline (though several have died trying).

This dull grey, gritty Extract causes the imbiber to radiate an aura of despair. Not only does the imbiber gain a Fear Rating of one (or an increase of one, if he or she already has a Fear Rating), any Brutes within 30 feet have their Threat Rating reduced by one, while Henchmen, Villains, and Heroes (including other Player Characters) within the same range roll one less Action Die during combat. The effects of this Extract last for twenty-four hours.

This Extract is purely theoretical, as Incubo is believed to be a truly extinct Sorcery.

This extract is pale blue with flashes of electricity randomly sparkling within it. Anyone who consumes it is immune to the effects of weather (but not drowning) for 24 hours. He or she takes no damage from the Weather Chart in the Game Master’s Guide, and is even immune to the effects of the Villskap Knack.

This clear Extract has a bitter flavor, but those who manage to imbibe it are immune to all serpent venoms for a period of twenty-four hours. In addition, snake-like scales grow all over the imbiber’s body for the same amount of time, increasing his or her TN to be hit by five, but giving him or her the Below Average Countenance Advantage (replacing any Appearance Advantages the imbiber may have, except Dangerous Beauty).


Whisper’s Cordial
Ingredients:  one Glamour, one Mirage, one Drama Die

This Cordial is a thick, clear liquid that refracts light like a prism (or, more accurately, like a soap bubble). Anyone who consumes it will experience subtle changes to his or her appearance: all Appearance Advantages (Attractive or Unattractive) are temporarily lost, and the imbiber’s features become utterly nondescript, sufficient to allow him or her to blend into a crowd or otherwise pass without notice, even if someone (say a town guardsman) is actively looking for him or her. The imbiber receives a total of eight free Raises that can be used on any use of the Unobtrusive Knack. The free Raises can be used singly or as a group, as the imbiber sees fit, any time before the Cordial runs its course. The effects of this Cordial last for twenty-four hours.

Cordial of the Bear
Ingredients:  one Pyeryem, one Bearsark Extract (see below), one Drama Die

Creating this deep brown Cordial requires one dose of Pyeryem Extract, as well as one Extract taken from someone (Sorcerous or not) with the Bearsark Advantage. For three hours after drinking this Cordial, the imbiber’s Wits is reduced to one and his or her Brawn is increased to four. In addition, the imbiber exudes a subtle musk that sets animals on edge, giving him or her the equivalent of the Animal Animosity Background at a Rank of two with respect to all animals appropriate to that Rank or lower. The imbiber never receives Experience Points for this pseudo-Background.

Goodfellow’s Cordial
Ingredients:  one Glamour, one Huan Shu, one Drama Die

This Cordial has the appearance, consistency, and flavor of honey. Anyone who consumes it may Roll and Keep (+1k1) an extra Die when using the Attack (Archery), Attack (Crossbow) or Snapshot (Archery), Knack, or when using the Tracking Knack. The effects of this Cordial last for one hour.

Alastair’s Cordial
Ingredients:  one Zerstörung, one Krov, one Drama Die

When mixed, this Cordial congeals into a rust-colored grease that is meant to be smeared on a weapon blade rather than consumed. A single dose is sufficient to cover one Heavy or Fencing Weapon, two knives or daggers, or ten arrowheads.  The Cordial permeates the metal and, for the next five rounds, the wielder of the weapon may add eight to all Damage Rolls made with the treated weapon. At the end of five Rounds, the weapon’s blade becomes pitted and useless, breaking into pieces if used in combat.

This Cordial is purely theoretical, as the Harvesters have not yet obtained a blood sample from someone with a Krov bloodline (though several have died trying).

Doomsday Cordial
Ingredients:  one El Fuego Adentro, one Sha’ir, one Porté, three Drama Dice

This Cordial is an effervescent green liquid with a sweet flavor. The imbiber’s body temperature begins to rise almost immediately while simultaneously protecting him or her from heat, providing the benefits of both the Cold Weather Conditioning and Warm Weather Conditioning Advantages.  After one full hour, the imbiber’s temperature spikes dramatically, then he or she explodes in a gory ball of flame.  This is a 10-die explosion that instantly kills the imbiber (and very possibly everyone around him or her).

Essential Arsenic (1 Dramatic Wound / 10 minutes / 1 hour)
Ingredients: one Tempus, two doses of arsenic, one Drama Die

This potent form of arsenic has been distilled not only in a physical sense but in an elemental one as well, rendering it much more potent, but over a far shorter period of time. Like arsenic, it is an ingested poison.

This Extract is purely theoretical, as Tempus is believed to be a truly extinct Sorcery. Despite the best efforts of the Blood Scientists, this is the only potential use they have identified for Tempus Extract.