Poisons: N

Special (see below) / 15 minutes / 3 hours

This common flower (pictured above) grows wild in fields throughout mainland Théah, and is often seen in bouquets and centerpieces from the lowliest hovel to the grandest castle. One must not be fooled by its lovely appearance and sweet scent, however, as just twelve seeds from inside the triangular seed pods can be used to create a lethal dose of poison.

The seeds, dried and ground to a fine powder, can be added to food or drink (it does not break down completely in liquids, however). Once ingested, the first sign of poisoning is a metallic taste in the mouth. Within fifteen minutes, breathing becomes rapid and labored and the victim finds himself in dire straits. Damage from narcissus poisoning emulates drowning damage; however, the interval increases from one Round to fifteen minutes.

Added to boiled cabbage or similar vegetables, narcissus seeds turn the boiling liquid chalky. If sprinkled on dry foods, the poison can be detected by its bitter, metallic taste. It is best concealed in strong alcoholic beverages, though the poison will leave a small amount of white sediment in the bottom of the glass.

-1 Finesse / 1 Round / 12 Rounds

Distilled from a hard-to-find species of poppy, nyctos resin is one of the most reliable tools in a poisoner’s bag of dirty tricks: an almost foolproof, non-lethal narcotic. The poison may be ground up and slipped into a victim’s food, but it has a diminished effect. Traditionally, it is rubbed onto a blade and used to pierce the skin.

When a victim’s Finesse is reduced to zero, nyctos resin inflicts no further damage, but the victim experiences a state of full-body numbness and total paralysis which is pleasantly dreamy until the poison runs its course. Because of this particular side effect, nyctos resin is popular among decadent nobles (it is rather expensive); habitual users can be identified by the rows of scars traced across their skin, typically their forearms or calves.

Notes: If ingested, the potion’s duration decreases to six Rounds. Once the full duration of the poison has elapsed, the victim regains Finesse at a rate of one Rank every ten minutes.

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