Poisons: E

1 Dramatic Wound / 12 days / 60 days

Elder’s shame is one of the nastier tools the Vendel have developed to provide an edge in their battles with the Vestemannavnjar. In addition to its lethal symptoms (stomach pains, heart palpitations, and general system shock), this ingested poison causes a victim’s hair to fall out at the roots. Over the course of its two-month duration, beginning mere hours after the onset of symptoms, a victim will lose his hair, beard, eyebrows, and body hair (even his eyelashes). Should a victim recover from the poison, his hair may or may not grow back.

Elder’s shame is so named because its first victim was a member of one Vestenmannavnjar town’s ruling council, known for his shrewd intellect and head for strategy, as well as his long white hair and full beard. Faced with the shame of losing his signature locks, coupled with many painful symptoms, the elder took his own life rather than letting the poison run its course.

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