Poisons: M

Special, see below / 15 minutes / 3 hours

Madweed is a fairly common woodland perennial with a pleasant, minty flavor. It causes victims to display erratic, anti-social, and even violent behavior for several hours after it is ingested.

Once the initial interval has elapsed, victims gain the Hot-Headed Hubris if they do not already have it, replacing whatever Arcana the victim may already have (iff any). If they are already Hot-Headed, they lose the ability to oppose the GM’s activation of their Hubris. Once the initial effect has taken hold, the poison has no further effect, but it must run its course (or an antidote must be given) before the victim returns to normal.

1k1 Flesh Wounds / 2 minutes / 20 minutes

Moltonmead is a fiery, honey-based concoction: a sweet-tasting, golden syrup meant for spiking alcoholic drinks, especially (as the name suggests) mead. Once imbibed, it begins to burn, scalding a victim’s throat and innards, sometimes fatally. The victim may even damage himself further by clawing at his neck or chest in a desperate effort to relieve the pain.

Notes: The first Dramatic Wound inflicted by molten mead can never be healed except by some sort of magical means, if such a remedy exists.

1k1 Flesh Wounds / 1 minute / 2 hours

Poisons crafted from the radish-like monkshood plant are equally effective if ingested or simply brushed against the skin. Symptoms manifest almost immediately, including tingling around the exposed area, numbness in and around the face and throat, and blurred vision.

As the poison takes hold, the victim’s body temperature drops and he feels abnormally cold, as if frigid water is coursing through his veins. The victim experiences severe pains and difficulty breathing, and ultimately dies when the poison reaches the heart.

Notes: While under the effects of monkshood, a victim receives the benefits of the Warm Weather Conditioning Advantage.

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