Poisons: F

-1 Brawn + Special / 30 minutes + Special / 2 hours + Special

Information on the background, symptoms, and treatment for four masks can be found on pages 4 – 5 of The Fantasy Poisoner’s Handbook.

Notes: The statistics listed above are for a basic dose of the poison, unaugmented by the intended victim’s flesh, tears, blood, or breath. If one or more of these components are added to the poison, four masks will remain active for twenty-four hours after the damage above has been inflicted, then the next stage of the poison will take effect. This will continue until all stages of that particular dose of four masks have run their course. After that, the victim will regain lost Traits at the rate of one Rank per Trait per day of bed rest.

The statistics for adding the other four components to the poison are as follows:

Breath-1 Finesse1 hour4 hours
Blood-1 Panache2 hours8 hours
Tears-1 Wits4 hours16 hours
Flesh-1 Resolve6 hours24 hours

Being reduced to a Rank of zero in Brawn, Finesse, Wits, or Panache leaves a victim completely debilitated in some way. A victim whose Resolve is reduced to zero dies instantly. Each victim-specific component activates twenty-four hours after the last component has run its course (assuming that component has been added to the poison), following the order given on the table above.

2k1 Flesh Wounds / 30 minutes / 24 hours

The leaves of the foxglove plant, fresh or dried, can be used to create an effective cardiotoxin. It slows and strengthens the heartbeat (a potentially useful application in small doses). Ingest too much, however, and it can cause the heart rate to drop dangerously low, or even paralyze the heart altogether.

While foxglove poisoning causes headaches, blurred vision and delirium, it is most easily detected by a victim’s wild, irregular pulse.

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