Engolo Fighting Style

Country of Origin: Tar-Netjer
Salon: none (the style is taught by masters among the NaBula tribe)
Founded: c. 1150 AV

Description: The fighting style of Engolo originated in a ritual form of wrestling practiced by the NaBula tribe. Among the competitive NaBula, succession among war chiefs or other tribal leaders could prove to be a violent affair. Engolo wrestling was developed as a means to provide (mostly) bloodless transitions in leadership; competitors for leadership could face off in a wrestling match, with the winner assuming (or taking over) the position in question.

Over the centuries, others have expanded the art to include kicking attacks, strikes to vital areas, and even ritual dancing. However, the core of the style still consists mainly of wrestling, tumbling, and ground attacks. Indeed, Engolo fighters have been known to wrap their feet around their opponents’ ankles, trip them up, and deliver a Corps-á-Corps attack or initiate a grapple, even while prone.

Engolo relies on fluid movement, and being deprived of it places the Engolo fighter at an extreme disadvantage. Opponents familiar with the style will exploit this, directing attacks at an Engolo fighter’s vulnerable legs and shrewdly stepping back when the fighter is on the ground, for he is as dangerous on his back as on his feet.

Basic Curriculum: Acrobat, Wrestling
Knacks: Corps-á-Corps, Exploit Weakness (Engolo), Fortitude, Sidestep, Yield

Revised Swordsman Knack: Yield. Yield consists of a nimble dodge followed up immediately with a body-to-body attack. You first attempt an Active Defense using Footwork against the incoming attack, and then, if the Active Defense is successful, make a Corps-á-Corps attack of your own against the person who just attacked you. When performing a Yield, you receive half the dice from your Footwork Knack (rounded down) for your Active Defense, and half the dice from your Corps-á-Corps Knack (rounded down) for your counterattack. For every Rank in Yield, you may add one Kept Die (+1k1) to either the Active Defense attempt or the Corps-á-Corps attack. These dice are added after you’ve halved the appropriate Knacks.

Apprentice: Early in their training, Engolo fighters spend much of their time on their backs, courtesy of their fellow instructors. Naturally, they learn how to remedy that condition quickly. Any time an Engolo fighter is prone and has a Current or Held Action, he may spring or roll to his feet without spending the Action. In addition, while it is not part of the style’s Basic Curriculum, an Engolo fighter may attack using any Knack in the Dirty Fighting Knack, even while prone, with no penalty.

Engolo has no connection to Théah’s Swordsman’s Guild. Consequently, its students receive a free Rank in one of their Swordsman Knacks in lieu of any sort of Guild Membership.

Journeyman: Journeymen of Engolo learn to roll with a fall to minimize the damage it inflicts. They receive a free Rank in the Break Fall Knack. This may increase their Rank in the Knack to a six; if it doesn’t they may increase it from a five to a six later by spending 25 XP.

Master: True masters of Engolo expand on their Journeyman training to roll with an enemy’s attacks. Masters may use Tumbling as a Knack to determine their Passive Defense. If they do, edged weapons roll one less damage die (-1k0) on a successful hit, and blunt weapons roll two less damage dice (-2k0).

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