Estillos Swordsman School

Country of Origin: Castille/Midnight Archipelago
Salon: Marcina (Tiny)
Founded: 1670

Description: Juan-Carlos Estillos is a master bladesmith, accepting commissions from some of Théah’s most well-respected (and deadliest) Swordsmen. Unlike many weaponsmiths, he does not produce blades in quantity, available for just any rake to pick up at a price. Señor Estillos’ rapiers (for he makes nothing else) are custom-crafted for his clients, taking a year or more to create, and weighted and balanced specifically for their hands. Anyone using a weapon balanced for another Swordsman loses one Kept Die (-1k1) on all rolls involving the use of the weapon, excluding damage rolls.

Not content with forging masterpiece weapons for an impressive list of clientele, Señor Estillos has also developed a School of swordplay that enables a Swordsman to take advantage of his superior weapon. A gentleman sailor (some might say pirate) aboard the Uncharted Course before his retirement, Señor Estillos’ School relies on fancy leaps and somersaults; the masterful combination of balance and footwork that only a seasoned sailor can boast; and generous use of the ship’s rigging, sails, and similar accoutrements to best an opponent. Of course, a healthy amount of taunting is requisite for any adventuresome sailor seeking to outmaneuver and embarrass an enemy.

A clever opponent, one who is familiar with the Estillos School of combat, will set up traps for his opponent: inviting daring leaps or nimble somersaults, or even leaving his cravat exposed to be sliced open. By maintaining positive control of these traps, an opponent will be able to lure an Estillos Swordsman into jeopardy and exploit his suddenly vulnerable position.

Basic Curriculum: Acrobat, Fencing
Knacks: Corps-á-Corps, Disarm (Fencing), Exploit Weakness (Estillos), Pommel Strike (Fencing), Tagging (Fencing) 

Apprentice: A well-balanced blade can be brought into line quickly, allowing the Apprentice to press a sudden attack. The Apprentice rolls an additional non-exploding die at the beginning of each Round; this is not an Action Die, but its value is added to the Apprentice’s Initiative Total at all times.

Estillos is not sanctioned by the Swordsman’s Guild, though it probably would be if Juan-Carlos ever bothered to leave Marcina and journey to Kirk for testing. Accordingly, an Apprentice gains a free Rank in one of his Swordsman Knacks in lieu of Guild Membership

Journeyman: A Journeyman of Estillos has learned to treat his well-balanced weapon as an extension of his arm: by merely pointing his hand at an intended target, he can drive his blade home. The Journeyman Keeps one additional die (+0k1) on all rolls using Attack (Fencing). This Journeyman may also apply this bonus to his use of the Disarm and Tagging Knacks.

Master: As an Apprentice and a Journeyman, the Estillos Swordsman learned the tricks of his trade; at the level of Master, he has perfected them. In addition to using the extra die rolled for his Apprentice Technique to add to his Initiative Total, he may use it as a second Action Die for any Interrupt Action he attempts (though this spends the die, and it no longer adds to his Initiative Total). Furthermore, the Master has learned not just to point with his weapon, but to punch with it, as well. The extra Kept Die (+0k1) added to the Journeyman’s attack rolls may, at the Master’s option, be applied directly to his damage rolls instead. The Master may pick and choose when to use this bonus die towards his Attack Rolls or his Damage Rolls, but the decision must be made before there Attack Roll is made. When added for Damage Rolls, this technique makes a Disarm or Tagging attempt an 0k1 attack (adjusted for Brawn as usual) in addition to the customary effects.

Note: An Estillos Swordsman without his perfectly-balanced blade will be able to use his Swordsman Knacks, but not his Mastery Level techniques.

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