Numanaius Swordsman School

Master: The key principle of the Numanaius Master is Fidelis. He should be faithful to his unit, his army, his officers, and the people of Numa, and is at his best when fighting alongside his comrades. The Master receives a free Rank in the Interpose Knack of the Bodyguard Skill. This may increase the Knack to 6; if it doesn’t, the Master may increase the Knack to 6 later by spending 25 XP.

In addition, if fighting alongside another Swordsman trained in Numanaius, he may add that Swordsman’s Mastery Level in the School to his own TN to be hit; to all attacks, Active Defenses, and Damage Rolls he makes in combat; and to the use of his Beat or Lunge Swordsman Knacks. This benefit stacks up to three times (four, if the Swordsman happens to be a Grandmaster) if more than one allied Numanaius Swordsman is present. For example, if a Numanaius Master is fighting alongside two Journeymen, he would receive a +4 bonus on all attacks, Active Defenses, Damage Rolls, Beats, and Lunges, as well as his TN to be hit. 

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