Kroenen Fighting Style

Country of Origin: Eisen
Salon: Gottkirchen (Small)
Founded: 1670

Description: Shortly after Stefan Heilgrund made his Bargain with the Schattenman for dark Sorcery, he began making plans to conquer Eisen and reign as Imperator. He built his army of shock troops, the Schattensoldat, and gathered powerful lieutenants to his banner. He expanded his spy network and charged them with striking down his enemies. To that end, he tasked one of his most dangerous agents, the Order of Ancients assassin known only as Raven, with developing a knife style that would be exclusive to his men. Raven carried out this task with trademark efficiency, and Heilgrund named the style Kroenen (“crown”) to reflect his ultimate goal.

Kroenen’s movements and style fit both the dedication and tenacity of more disciplined fighters, as well as the erratic and improvisational style of free-spirited warriors. Practitioners of the style are often lithe and nimble, as the style demands speed and the ability to correct one’s movements fluidly. Kroenen is a demanding style that requires both agility and athletic ability. Its students wield a pair of stilettos in combat: weapons that are used for quick slashes and stabs. It is also an acrobatic style, using its students’ natural speed and grace to avoid blows as opposed to blocking them with their smaller weapons.

Kroenen relies on near-constant, rolling movements to be effective, but these movements occasionally require a fighter to briefly show an opponent his back. Shrewd opponents will attack into these openings, and prepare to defend themselves when the roll, tumble, or slide is completed.

Basic Curriculum: Acrobat, Knife
Knacks: Corps-á-Corps, Disarm (Knife), Double Attack (Knife/Knife), Exploit Weakness (Kroenen), Lunge (Knife)

Apprentice: Students of Kroenen learn to wield two stilettos simultaneously, and to fight in a defensive stance that uses their erratic movements to confound their opponents. As an Apprentice, a student of Kroenen may wield two stilettos simultaneously with no off-hand penalty, and receives a free Raise on any Active Defenses he attempts using Footwork as his Defense Knack.

Kroenen is not sanctioned by the Swordsman’s Guild; its students receive a free Rank in one of their Swordsman Knacks in lieu of Guild membership.

Journeyman: With two rapid strikes from his blades, a Kroenen Journeyman puts an opponent off-balance and, with a flick of the wrist, he takes away his opponent’s weapon. Whenever the Journeyman successfully hits the same opponent with two stiletto attacks in the same Phase, he may attempt an active Disarm against that opponent without spending an Action.

Master: By forcing an opponent’s guard in one direction, the Master of Kroenen may suddenly attack into the opening he has created, causing deep, bleeding wounds. The Master may attempt a Called Shot against any opponent he has already struck at least twice in one Round. If successful, in addition to the regular effects of the Called Shot, the opponent bleeds for 1k1 Flesh Wounds every time he takes an Action. The bleeding lasts for a number of the opponent’s Actions equal to the number of Raises need to make the Master’s Called Shot.

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