New Pirate Tricks

Any Blade Will Do. A pirate can’t always guarantee he’ll have the right weapon at hand, so you’ve learned to make do with what you have. When using a Swordsman School, you can substitute any weapon of a similar type (Fencing, Heavy Weapon, etc.) and still use the School’s Knacks and Techniques. Thus, you could fight using the Aldana School with a cutlass or a sabre, but not with a broadsword.

Scurvy Dog! You receive a free Raise when using the Kick Knack to attack an opponent who is one Level lower than you, or a prone opponent on the same Level.

Sucker Punch. While armed with a melee weapon or a firearm in one hand, you may attack using the Attack (Dirty Fighting) Knack with your off hand without penalty. You receive a free Raise on this attack.

Watch the Boom! By spending an Action and telling some bald-faced lie (no matter how outrageous), you may attempt to distract a single opponent. Make a contested roll of your Panache + Sincerity vs, the opponent’s Wits. If you succeed, the opponent’s next Action Die is increased by one, plus one for every Raise you took on the contested roll. If this increases the Action Die above ten, it is discarded. A Brute Squad is considered a single opponent for purposes of this Trick.