Five-Knack Swordsman Schools

If you have been looking through the Swordsman Schools posted on this site, you have probably noticed that each School contains five Knacks instead of four. This is not an oversight: in the Poisoned Shadows campaign, all Swordsman Schools (and fighting styles) consist of five Knacks. To become a Journeyman, you must have four Knacks at Rank 4. To become a Master, you mast increase all five Knacks to Rank 5. (This brings Swordsman Schools into line with Sorceries in terms of advancing in power.)

We have taken all the Swordsman Schools appearing in official First Edition 7th Sea products, converted them to five-Knack Schools, and compiled them into the list below. Please note that Sidestep is no longer a part of the Athlete Skill, and is instead a Swordsman Knack only.

Please download and enjoy!

Five-Knack Swordsman Schools

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