Unforgiven Unseelie Characters

An Unforgiven Unseelie character is treated as a Sidhe character in all respects, with the following exceptions:

  • Unforgiven Unseelie characters begin play with a full 100 Hero Points to spend on Traits, Advantages, Skills, and other customization options.
  • Unforgiven Unseelie characters do not begin play with any sort of Sorcery, and can never purchase any type of Sorcery except Glamour (which can be purchased normally).
  • Unforgiven Unseelie characters receive the Blessing of Slow Aging instead of the Blessing of Immortal, and the Curse of Iron Susceptibility instead of the Curse of Iron Vulnerability. They only receive the Curse of Salt Charm if they purchase Glamour Sorcery.
  • Unforgiven Unseelie characters lose their resistance to normal weapons, which affect them normally. They are no longer susceptible to MacEachern Weapons, except as described under the Curse of Iron Susceptibility.
  • Unforgiven Unseelie characters are especially vulnerable to the Repartee System. Anyone who uses the Repartee System on an Unforgiven Unseelie gains a bonus of two Unkept Dice (+2k0) on his roll.
  • Unforgiven Unseelie characters begin play with a Reputation of -10.

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