The Curse of Cold Iron

A Sidhe, Fallen Sidhe, Unforgiven Unseelie, or Sidhe-Blooded character can be stripped of some of its power by having either cold iron or MacEachern steel bound to it. Only the most ancient and powerful Sidhe nobles have the knowledge and power necessary to perform this ritual. It makes the following changes to the character’s abilities:

  • The character loses the Blessing of Immortality or the Blessing of Slow Aging (if it had it).
  • The character loses any protection it had against non-magical weapons (if it had any).
  • The character loses any Glamour Sorcery it possessed, as well as the Curse of Salt Charm, if it had it. The Sidhe no longer has access to Glamour Dice (and does not gain the ability to earn Drama Dice, though Sidhe-Blooded characters receive them as normal).

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