Sidhe Characters

Creating a Sidhe character follows the rules as written in The Sidhe: Book of Nightmares, with the following additions, corrections, and clarifications:

  • Sidhe characters only begin play with 50 Hero Points to spend on Traits, Advantages, Skills, and other customization options.
  • Sidhe characters are considered to have the Legendary Trait Advantage in all five Traits. They begin the game with a Rank of two in all five Traits. They do not receive a free Rank in a Trait from a Nationality Bonus.
  • Sidhe characters begin play as Full-Blooded Glamour Mages without spending any Hero Points on it; however, they may never purchase any other sort of Sorcery. They may purchase additional Ranks in Glamour Knacks using Hero Points as if they were Advanced Knacks.
    • Because Sidhe characters have the Legendary Trait Advantage in all five Traits, they may purchase two Glamour Knacks corresponding to each Trait instead of being limited to one.
  • Sidhe characters have access to all Skills except Archaeologist, Ballooning, Blowgun, Bomb-Maker, Criminal, Dirty Fighting, Doctor, Engineer, Exotic Weapon, Firearms, Fireworks, Fortune Teller, Gambler, Geomancer, Hard Martial Arts, Healer, Improvised Weapon, Investigator, Magician, Medicine Man, Merchant, Mystic, Panzerhand, Politician, Priest, Pugilism, Servant, Soft Martial Arts, Streetwise, Urchin, and Whip.
    • Sidhe characters may purchase these Skills after character creation by spending Experience Points as usual, so long as the character can find someone to teach them the new Skill.
  • Sidhe characters may select Damhsalann, Fadh-Righ, Faileas, Feadail, and Rhiannon as starting Swordsman Schools for 25 HP. They may select any School originating in Avalon for 35 HP. They may not begin play with knowledge of any School originating outside the Glamour Isles.
  • Sidhe characters may select Dangerous Beauty, Above Average Appearance, or Below Average Countenance for free at character creation.
    • A Sidhe character may also purchase Stunning Appearance, Intimidating Appearance, or Blessed Beauty at a 5-point discount; or Ugly Countenance or Hideous Countenance at a 2-point discount.
  • Sidhe characters may select either Combat Reflexes or Keen Senses for free at character creation (but not both).
  • Sidhe characters may select Large, Small, or Tiny for free at character creation (but only one of the three).
  • Sidhe characters begin play with the following Sidhe Blessings: Immortal, Immunity to Disease, and Smell Glamour. They also begin play with the Sidhe Curses of Gifts, Iron Vulnerability, and Salt Charm.
    • A Sidhe character may take additional Sidhe Blessings, but for each one taken, a Sidhe Curse must be taken as well.
  • All Sidhe are largely immune to normal weaponry. Reduce all damage to them from normal weapons by two Kept Dice (-2k2). Montaigne Puzzle Swords, Dracheneisen weapons, Twisted blades, Lærdom enchanted weapons, Sidhe weapons, and similar “enchanted” weapons affect them normally. Sidhe characters take additional damage from cold iron weapons (see the Iron Vulnerability Curse), and from MacEachern weapons. (Sidhe characters do not make Wound Checks after being struck by a MacEachern weapon; instead, divide the total Flesh Wounds inflicted by five, rounding down. The Sidhe character takes that many Dramatic Wounds.)
  • A Sidhe can understand any spoken language it hears, but cannot begin play knowing how to read or write any language except Cymric. It costs a Sidhe character two Hero Points (or six Experience Points) to learn to read and write a language.
  • Sidhe characters may not have Arcana, and may not activate a Villain’s Arcana under normal circumstances.
  • Sidhe characters do not earn Drama Dice. The only way a Sidhe can have a Drama Die is if another Hero gives it one via a game effect (such as a Virtue). Instead they receive Glamour Dice through their Glamour Sorcery; these are similar to Drama Dice, but may not be spent to activate (or prevent activation of) Arcana. Glamour Dice can also be used to activate Glamour Knacks.
  • Sidhe do not need sleep in the human sense. However, once every 24 hours they must rest in the presence of dreamers. They focus on a mortal within ten feet of them and attune themselves to that person’s dreams; walls and doors present no barrier to this power. Some dreamers can detect this silent invasion (at the GM’s discretion), but usually the Sidhe is a silent observer. The only way to prevent a Sidhe from establishing contact with one’s dreams is to cast magical wards, or sleep within a circle of salt (see the Salt Charm Curse, below). Note that if a dreamer suffers any adverse effects due to nightmares or some other sleep-affecting condition (e.g., through Incubo Sorcery), the Sidhe attuned to that dreamer suffers the same deleterious effects.
  • Sidhe do not require food, although they can eat if they desire. Many actually become gluttons when they discover the wonders of Théan cuisine, although they do not gain weight unless they adjust their appearance. Sidhe make terrible cooks because their tastes can be very odd and extreme.
  • Sidhe characters begin play with a Reputation of 10.

New Sidhe Blessings

Alternate Form (2 Points)
You may assume a different form (selected at character creation) by spending a Drama Die (or a Glamour Die). You assume the attributes of a normal member of that species. You must choose the form at character creation and it must be approved by the GM. Any small or average sized animal is acceptable, such as a crow, rabbit, or even a horse. (Drachen or other monsters are not acceptable.)

The only problem is that a little of the other form’s personality tends to sneak through in minor ways at all times. If the form is a cat you may be sleepy in the daytime, if a crow you may have a rather dubious diet, and if a rabbit…

Unearthly (3 Points)
No one can ever quite put their finger on it, but there is something different about the character. Something…inhuman. The character’s Fear Rating increases by one. If the character does not have a Fear Rating, he gains a Fear Rating of one.

New Sidhe Curse

Salt Charm (1 Point)
Salt can be used as an effective charm against your Glamour magic. If someone throws a handful of salt on you, all temporary Glamour effects you have in place are dispelled, and you cannot use Glamour again until you spend an Action wiping the salt off. You can never use Glamour Knacks against anyone standing in a circle of salt. You may only take this Curse if you are a Glamour Mage

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